Here at Champion Staging we offer a stylish, cost effective and eco-friendly way to ensure that your conference, product launch or exhibition not only looks professional and slick but it doesn’t cost the earth to achieve.

With over 5 years’ experience in the events industry we know that portraying the right image is key. We offer a modern and forward thinking approach to assisting you in getting your message out there in the manner it is intended.

We start by installing one of our heavy duty and non-slip stages. This can be customised to fit in to any size or shape of location and due to the way the stage system works it can be installed and removed in double quick time.

Once the stage is in place using the latest technology our fully reusable back panels are customised to fit the space you are looking to fill. If needed, we can then add any number of screens for you to project your images or text onto.

Because of the way our system works the set-up times are hugely reduced without compromising on strength and stability, meaning that whether you want to hire the kit long term for an exhibition or conference or you need us at short notice for a hastily arranged press conference we can offer you the right solution.

If it’s just the stage or the panels you require separately then that is no problem.

We can also supply lecterns, lighting and table masking to complete the package.

We are based in Hampshire and mainly cover Hampshire, Dorset or Surrey but can cover all areas of the UK so feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a free no obligation quotation.